The Bowman Centre’s Sustainable Energy Superpower Report Launches Online

Sarnia, ON – On May 21, Canadians received a paper copy of the Sustainable Energy Superpower report, sponsored by The Bowman Centre, in the print edition of the Globe & Mail. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve published the report online at The Bowman Centre website at, allowing its content to be easily shared and viewed.

The report highlights many of the major projects presented in the new book Canada: Becoming a Sustainable Energy Powerhouse, a collaborative effort between The Bowman Centre and the Canadian Academy of Engineering Energy Pathways Task Force. The book will be available Thursday, June 26 and provides a look at Canada's energy future in light of three distinct challenges:

  • Contributing to the increasing global energy demand;
  • Contributing to reducing North America’s carbon footprint;
  • Adding value to our energy exports.

“A bitumen upgrader would be a win-win for everyone”, said Dr. Katherine Albion, Director of the Bowman Centre at the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park. "Canada gains significant export revenue, Alberta achieves new markets for its resources and products, Ontario acquires a major new industrial activity, and Sarnia-Lambton returns to its role as a leader in petroleum and petrochemical processing."

The report features articles about all aspects of Canadian energy, including nuclear, natural gas, renewable energy projects and energy conservation. Experts writing and consulted for the report include:

  • Jim Stanford, Economist, Unifor
  • Dr. Jatin Nathwani, Executive Director of the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy
  • Clement W. Bowman, Associate, Bowman Centre, Sarnia/Lambton Research Park
  • Surindar Singh, Executive Director, Renewables & Emerging Technologies, Alberta Innovates: Energy and Environment Solutions
  • Michael Harcourt, Chair of Quality Urban Energy Systems for Tomorrow

We look forward to the dialogue that the report will create among Canadians, organizations and companies about our burgeoning energy sector.

About the Bowman Centre
The Bowman Centre’s vision is to significantly enhance the economic base of meaningful job creation, and to create a national centre to advance Canada’s opportunity to become a sustainable energy superpower through the generation of value-added products and services from Canada’s hydrocarbon and biomass feedstocks. The Centre is working towards catalyzing the implementation of “big energy projects” as a Canadian Innovation Strategy for the current half century. The Bowman Centre is located in the University of Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park in Sarnia, Ontario.

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