Canada is Already Producing Ethanol from Wood Technology can improve power plant's production by 60%

Canada is Already Producing Ethanol from Wood. Technology can improve power plant's production by 60%

Brasil Energia (September 16, 2015) -- Woodland Biofuels is now operating your pilot unit in Canada, which produces ethanol from wood biomass. Among the technology opportunities is possible to use sugar cane biomass to improve biofuel production in Brazilian’s power plants.

According to the Woodland Biofuels CEO, Greg Nuttall, technology can increase in high levels the ethanol production extracted from conventional ways. “We can generate about 400 L of ethanol for each dry biomass ton”, he said.

Considering a revenue of 80 L of ethanol and 125 kg of dry biomass for each processed sugar cane ton, the addition can be of 50 L or 60% of increase.

Nuttall believes in technology growth in countries with an abundant biomass offer, like Brazil. “It’s possible to achieve better levels with biomass use to produce ethanol than to generate energy”, argued, telling that he has already presented the project to Petrobras.

"The technology consists in burn of wood to obtain the synthesis gas, which is transformed in methanol and ethanol after. In the pilot experience, Woodland used a mix of crushed woods, which includes also residual wood from constructions.

The power plant is located in the tech park of Western Research Parks, in Sarnia city.