Lambton College Ranks High Among Top 50 Research Colleges in Canada

Lambton College Ranks High Among Top 50 Research Colleges in Canada

October 23, 2015 -- Lambton College continues to receive national recognition for its growth in applied research and development. According to Research Infosource Inc., which released its annual list of Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges today, Lambton College currently sits 11th overall in the national rankings.

The findings are based on data obtained through a survey of publicly-funded colleges and from financial statements which include funding received from both internal and external sources to the organizations.

In 2014, Lambton College recorded a 70.3 per cent increase in research revenue, totalling $5,292,000, up from $3,108,000 in 2013. Provincially, Lambton College ranked fourth among all Ontario research colleges.

The rankings also revealed that Lambton College ranked fourth in Canada for both growth and intensity (dollars to faculty involved).

"This is a great year for Lambton College" said Ron Freedman, CEO of Research Infosource. "Not only did Lambton College jump six places, landing in the eleventh spot in our Research Infosource national rankings for research income, they managed to break the top five in both research income growth and researcher intensity. These numbers reinforce Lambton College's position as a leader in applied research and development in Ontario and across the country."

Earlier this year, Lambton College launched a new Centre of Excellence in Energy & Bio-Industrial Technology, with a strong focus on supporting industries and businesses through applied research, development, commercialization, incubation, prototyping and pilot plant studies, and projects to develop new or improved technologies, products and processes.

"Lambton College has become a leader in applied research and we hope this announcement raises our visibility and reputation on both a national and international level," says Judith Morris, President & CEO, Lambton College. “All of our projects are faculty-led and involve students, giving them real-life applied research experience. Our success has allowed us to strengthen industry growth in our region while contributing to the economic growth of the province. Moving forward, Lambton College will continue to stand out against other Canadian colleges by leveraging our unique strengths to become a global leader in applied research and development."

Lambton College's Applied Research Department was formed in 2007. Since then, the college has received more than $15 million in funding from federal and provincial agencies.

Last year, Lambton College carried out 57 research projects with direct involvement of 65 research students, 29 faculty and staff researchers, 17 research co-op placements, and five college graduates.

The findings report that Canada's 50 leading research colleges posted a record total of $158 million in research income for their 2014 fiscal year, up 4.7 per cent over 2013.

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